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DC Anti-Racist Action
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Events in the DC Area

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Saturday, May 11


Anti-Nazi Demonstration!

Support the Palestinian People!
Oppose Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazis in Our City!
Promote Unity & Diversity

The neo-Nazi National Alliance (NA) and other "white power" groups are planning their fifth demonstration in Washington DC. on May 11. We must respond by making our voices heard loud and clear that we are united and proud of our diverse community in the greater DC area.

The NA, an extremely violent group, is once again attempting to use the horrific plight of the Palestinian people for further their own vile. racist, anti-Semitic agenda ie. to boost anti-Jewish violence in the US. This is completely unacceptable and cannot be ignored. The growing, profound movement in the US in support of Palestinian self-determination and against the illegal occupation by Israel of Palestinian land must not be tarred with the brush of anti-Semitism. All people of good will who wish to see a fair, genuine peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians must not be perceived as being in league with Nazi, anti-Semitic elements.

Since September 11, Nazis and related groupings worldwide have increased their activities and are actively organinzing for their agenda of genocide and hate. Their goal is to blame the Jewish people for the September 11 attacks, the ghastly situation in Palestine, as well as to increase ethnic violence of all kinds in the US and elsewhere. Recent events in France bear this out.

Neo-Nazi and other "white power" groups are attempting to divide our society through the promotion of Anti-Semitism, racism and violence.

Opposing Israel's atrocious actions against the Palestinian people does not make one anti-Semitic!

We cannot allow racists such as the NA to hijack the just struggle of the Palestinian people!


Saturday, May 11
Unity in Diversity March & Rally
10:30 am 1:30 pm
Conn Ave. & Van Ness Street NW (Van Ness/UDC Metro on the Red line)

Bring signs, music, poetry, Palestinian flags, yourself and others!!
There will be speakers and music.
Join us on May 11. From the Metro stop we will be marching to the Israeli Embassy

Sponsored by the Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian People (CISPP)
and the Youth Leadership Support Network (YLSN)
For more information please call
202-986-1561 or 202-489-7892